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Hooking HTML Forms with Javascript

August 31, 2010

While working on a Safari extension, I came up with some Javascript code to hook HTML forms and capture the input data prior to the call to the form’s action. This could prove useful in browser plugins or something more nefarious like persistent XSS.

It works by either:

  • Setting the form’s onsubmit handler (if there wasn’t one set already)
  • Creating a dummy button with a custom onclick handler that will call the specified callback prior to calling the normal onsubmit handler.

The code is fairly straightforward (minus a single compatibility issue between IE8 and and Safari/Firefox/Chrome regarding form submission).

Anyway, here’s the code:

function hookform(f, callback)
   if (f.onsubmit == null) {
      // No onsubmit handler, so install ours directly.
      f.onsubmit = function() { callback(this); };
   else {
      // Need to find the submit input
      var is = f.getElementsByTagName('input');
      // Adding a dummy button messes with the length
      cnt = is.length;
      for (i = 0; i < cnt; i++) {
         if (is[i].type.toLowerCase() == 'submit') {
            // Create a dummy element
            var dummy = document.createElement('button');
            // Copy the submit button's name
            dummy.innerHTML = is[i].value;
            // Set the handler to call the callback
            // and then the original onsubmit handler.
            if (navigator.appName.indexOf('Microsoft') == 0) {
               dummy.onclick = function() {
                  var r = this.parentNode.onsubmit();
                  if (r) { this.parentNode.submit(); }
            else {
               dummy.onclick = function() { callback(this); };
            // Insert into the DOM and hide the submit button
            f.insertBefore(dummy, is[i]);
            is[i].style.display = 'none';

Use it like so:

function hook_callback(btn) {
hookform(document.getElementById('f1'), hook_callback);

Let me know if (and how) anyone besides me finds this useful.

Edit: Uploaded source to github


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